Intentional Development

The Opportunity Zone legislation encourages long-term thinking to stimulate job growth and provide local businesses with access to capital in communities that are often overlooked.

Chapel is leading the charge in prioritizing community-focused, profitable development not only in Greenville, but also throughout the country.

Real estate is the entry point, providing us a place to call home. But it does not stop there. The momentum will continue with investment into our neighbors, our tenants, and our city as we proactively cultivate existing potential from within the community.

Why Opportunity Zones?

Long-term thinking, long-term appreciation, and long-term impact.

Tax incentives are not a reason to choose a deal, but they can certainly provide a boost to an already strong deal. We are aggressively de-risking your investment into this project by layering tax credits where possible, and returning capital quickly.

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About This Project

Chapel is led by a partnership made up of Matt McPheely – a native Greenvillian and experienced entrepreneur and real estate developer, and Brooks Calavan, an Austin, TX-based veteran developer, investor, and entrepreneur with multiple exits. They are joined by the best development team Greenville has to offer.

Harper Construction

Full-service General Contractor with a 70-year track record. Widely regarded one of the best GC's in the Southeast.

Bluewater Civil Design

Civil design and sitework engineering firm based in Greenville, SC. Bluewater has successfully completed hundreds of projects in the region and brings deep knowledge and powerful relationships to the project.

SHLTR Architects

Visionary architecture firm with strong experience in adaptive re-use projects, including textile mill renovations and commercial properties.

Fathom & Draft

Dynamic U.S. based design team with decades of experience in startup leadership, ecommerce, and product design with clients like Walmart, Gates Foundation, MIT, and PGA.

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Project by the numbers:

Size of Building

40,000 square feet

Size of Lot

2.5 acres


10 years



Tax Incentives


Total Project Cost

$8.6 million

Abstract Rect

Recent Work

By the CHPL development team.

Greenville, SC
Markley Station

Renovated 43,900 SF of two historic warehouse building spaces and an exterior outdoor entertainment area.

Spartanburg, SC
Aug Smith on Main

A redevelop of an existing four-story building into 45 luxury apartments and two ground-level retail spaces.

Austin, TX
1701 MLK Blvd

Site plan, development, modular construction of 17 residential units and 3 restaurants.

Greenville, SC
Huguenot Mill

Renovated the interior and exterior of this two-story cotton-mill, originally built in 1882, that is located within the Reedy Industrial Complex.


Project Timeline

  • December 2019

    Closing date for purchase of property

  • June 2020

    Design, Rezoning, Civil Engineering

  • March 2021

    Renovation begins

  • December 2021

    Improvements complete, tenants move in


Take a tour

Click the sections below to explore the surrounding neighborhood and floor plan for the project

The Neighborhood

Poe Mill, originally a textile mill village, is situated less than a mile from Main Street, next door to the popular North Main neighborhood, and surrounded by both new and planned development projects.

Restaurant Space

This local restaurant and bar space will serve CHPL tenants, the public, and event guests.

Co Work / Office Space

More than 15,000 ft2 of creative office space for individuals up to medium-sized teams. Designed for the perfect mix of collaboration and privacy.

Event / Tenant Space

Flexible space to be used for events such as concerts, classes, art shows, conferences, and tenant amenities.

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